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2016 VC-12/VAW-12 Reunion


I just signed a contract to hold our 2016 reunion at the Holiday Inn Riverwalk hotel in downtown San Antonio starting on Thus. Oct. 13th.  The hotel is located right on the Riverwalk.

 The room rate is $124 plus 16.75% local and state taxes.  This rate is higher than we normally pay but the time of year and location demands it.  Parking is $15 per night with in and out privileges.  It is usually $25 at this hotel.  The breakfast buffet is $12 per person but I usually include this cost in our registration fee to make it easier on our members.

 I also have a contract for a bus company to take us to the WWII museum in Fredricksburg on Friday the 14th.  That cost is about $1100.

 I would like to propose that we offset some expenses that our members incur in some manner.

 First of all I just received a sizable refund check from the Crowne Plaza in Washington which was a surprise.  I expected a small check as I always send the hotels that hold our reunions a check that should cover most of the expenses we would incur.  The check I received though was for $768.

 They didn’t send me an invoice so am not sure how it was determined.

 We made out with our reunion at the Crowne Plaza for a couple of reasons.  The big one was when the hotel asked if we could change our reunion start day from Thus. to Friday which would allow the hotel to cater a large wedding on Saturday.  When I agreed to do that they indicated that they would provide us the food for our reception which saved us a ton of money as reception food usually costs us $35 to $40 per person for a buffet.

  In addition this year we did not have to pay for our Navy guest’s dinners and there were five of them.  The Navy requires that they not accept free dinners.  I am not sure but that could have resulted from us having the Navy Inspector General at the reunion.   The Admiral paid for his dinner and Captain Danehy paid for all the others so that was a total of $200.

 Our account is at almost $4800 right now.

 I have not completed the budget for the 2016 reunion but would propose that we include the breakfast cost as usual for those staying at the hotel but reduce the overall registration fee to everybody by utilizing money from our account.  Those not staying at the hotel always pay a lower registration fee when I have included breakfast in the fee.

 I thought about offering the trip to the WWII museum as a freebee but that would only benefit those that take the tour and may leave some out if the bus is full.

 I try to keep about $2000 in our account mainly because there are expenses that need to be paid before everyone pays their registration fees so $4800 is way beyond that goal.  The big early expenses are checks to the bus company and the hotel a month before the reunion.

 If you assume the registration fee would be about $110 per person as it was last year we could easily knock off $30 from the registration fee per individual and still be in great shape.

 This would benefit all those that attend.  This assumes the reception and banquet food costs are about the same as other years.  I hope to have those nailed down soon but hotels are not happy putting down costs a year ahead.

 This fee reduction could then help offset the higher room cost and parking.