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January 2005


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Seykowski, Edward CWO4 607 N 70 E Valparaiso, IN 46383 219-462-3636  FAX 219-462-2168 1959-1962 AT2 Karen

Treasurer, Scribe, & Membership Chairman:

Smith, MD Roger G. LT 34464 SW Firdale Rd Cornelius, OR 97113-6218

503-628-2229 FAX 503-648-9179

Office: 256 SE 2nd Av. Hillsboro, OR 97123 503-648-7126 LT(jg)1955-8 Joan

Dues: The newsletter runs on dues. We send the newsletter (approximately every 2 months) to all with e-mail addresses and to all without who pay dues.

We send to different selected members every time to encourage participation, and to guys whose e-mail has gone gunnysack to get them to send us their up-dated one.

We beg people to send us names of men they served with so we can try to find them.

Our membership has increased from 136 guys in 2002 to 1200 plus today. We have over 400 names in our memorial section besides that. It’s all on the website. Write and tell us who you recall serving with. Give us some clue where to find them.

Dues are $10 per year.   Checks drawn to VC-12 or VAW-12 or VC-12/VAW-12 can be mailed to me at 256 SE 2nd Av. Hillsboro, OR 97123. (That’s my office; my home mailbox is a rural box along the county road and is not secure for funds.)   

We hit up a lot of guys for dues at the reunion, but didn’t get everyone. Anybody unsure can ask for the list to see if he’s current. The new year starts after the Reunion business meeting. If you paid before that, you may have paid 04 dues but not 05.  We do not publish the dues list on the website. 

Write to me to request an up-dated roster from your cruise.

Next Reunion

I’m glad to report to you that we just got confirmation that we will be holding our 2005 Reunion in Pensacola on November 7-9 at the Crown Plaza.  The Crowne Plaza is still in repairs but they will be completed in the spring.  Many of you liked the plan we had for 2004 until Ivan messed things up; I thought we would redo the same itinerary. 

          Monday 7 Nov. Registration and evening Reception

          Tuesday 8 Nov. Naval Air Museum Tour and Lunch

                                    Dinning out at local restaurant

          Weds. 9 Nov.    Free Day for private tours & catch “Blues’ practice

                Cocktail Hour & Banquet O Club

Our local shipmate, Jack Becker, has been bird-dogging our arrangements again as he did last year.  Jack says that our sister squadron VC-11/VAW-11 will again follow us on November 10-12.  Some of you might want to stay over and join our sister squadron.  At my last count, we had over 150 would have attended our 2004 Reunion before Ivan squashed Pensacola.  Roger Smith will later be giving you details to make your room reservation and cost for the Reunion. We need to get some 2005 food and facilities prices because the 2004 prices are no longer valid.

Ed Seykowski

VC-12/VAW-12 Reunion Chairman


VAW-12 Books at the VAW Store

We have copies of GUPPY PILOT at $27.50 each post paid. This is a book written by Roger Smith about squadron flying. His address is on the letterhead. 80 color photos and some others. Naval history, sea stories, personal reminiscence.

We do not have copies of SAILORS IN THE SKY by Jack Sauter, but inscribed copies can be purchased from him directly for $19.95 at 235 Robby Lane, New Hyde Park, NY 11040. This is an enlisted aircrewman’s view of the Korean War from the back seat of an AD3W operating off the Lake Champlain. Jack is the president and editor of the magazine for that ship’s reunion group to this day.

HANOI COMMITMENT the story of 7 years a prisoner of the North Viets. Purchase from the author for $15. plus postage. CAPT James A.  Mulligan 912 Five Points Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23454-2642

VAW-12 Patches on sale for $4. for dues paying members and $8. for those not paying dues. Write to editor (Roger Smith) address supra.


Reunion attendance:

1998 - Newport, RI          26/17 members/guests   43 total persons

1999 - Pensacola, FL        29/21                  50

2000 - Norfolk, VA          21/14                  35

2001-  Charleston, SC       16/11                  27

2002 - Newport, RI          31/21                  50

2003 - Baltimore/Annapolis  40/26                  66

2004 - Gettysburg, PA       43/31                  74

2005 - Pensacola, FL

2006 - Washington/Dulles

74 members and guests at Gettysburg. Double that at least next year in Pensacola. RGS

 You ask about the "roll": 

This account by one of our more accomplished pilots will be of general interest to members of the squadron, even though it was performed on 1968 cruise after the VAW-12 became an air wing. It was a balanced flight maneuver in an E2A which the pilot calls an aileron roll and not a barrel roll. -Ed


 I'm not sure it was received with any admiration from the Air Boss or the ships' CO, however it did get us some respect from the CAG. Prior to that time we had a rather difficult time being heard as to air defense tactics i.e. cap and E-2 stationing etc.

 Subsequent to the "roll" we could almost dictate terms. Also subsequent to the "roll" I had to spend every safety briefing standing up in front of my pilots explaining how stupid it was and how they had better not try it themselves. I would provide a number of reasons for not doing as I did, and would end the list by saying "Besides, I know how to do it and you don't."

That really went over big.   The details:


In the briefing for the flyover/air show for the NATO Staff College from Naples there was discussion as to the low Mach pass by an F-4, A number of F-4's shooting heat seekers at flares dropped by helos, and the final event (we weren't considered to be an event) was to be a nose to tail refueling of an F-4 hooked to an A-4 with a buddy store, hooked to the A-3 Whale. Then we were to fly by at 1000 ft at 140 kts with the dome turning. The CAG said: "Chuck, it reminds me of the time we had a blimp in the air show, we just couldn't decide what to do with the damn thing"

That pretty much settled it.


We were to be a test and go. We had just installed a vertical fin (which we had been waiting for some time to install on our hangar queen, the first one having arrived in a shoe box. Logistics weren't too good in those days). The crew was Al Hendershot as co-pilot (Al went on to become a Grumman test pilot and a rich industrialist with Garrett), and one of our Chief techs to check out the system (I remember what he looked like but can't remember his name, seems to happen a lot these days), (He was CPO Leo T. Nerbonne, Canby, CA 96015 530-233-6690 Forrestal 1966. He rolled with CDR Berthe in 1968 -Ed) and myself as PC. (No way was I going to give that damn Hendershot a landing, he had recently flattened me in a touch football game.)


It was one of those days in the Med where the visibility was infinite and the horizon was so sharp it looked like the edge of a razor blade. I decided to test the installation by diving to increase speed and doing some sharp, but small amplitude, rudder inputs as the speed increased to see if there was any tendency to flutter (things can get awfully boring on a long Med deployment). I had started the dive from about 20k and at the end had close to Vne at about 15k. It seemed a shame to waste all that hard earned airspeed so I pulled the nose up and did a slow, easy aileron roll. I might have reached just under 2 G in the pull up, but the roll was essentially 1 G.


Al, who had been brought up in a NATOPS environment softly said "Oh my God !". The chief came forward and in a more mature voice said "What the hell was that supposed to be?"

We discussed the situation and I asked if they thought it would be a good idea to do it in our flyby. They allowed it was probably not a good idea, but we should do it anyway.


Keep in mind that in those days an E-2A on a CVA wasn't held in much higher regard than a Willie Fudd detachment (Having been a Fudd O-in-C I knew all about that). Hell, they even wanted us to hold in the right hand pattern with the COD. I told them we would come down the chute with the big guys and they somewhat reluctantly allowed us to participate, at least at that level. Consequently, my previously air show flybys consisted of diving down from 5k and passing along the port side below flight deck level at 350 kts with the inboard engine caged. (nobody else in the air group could do that, and that sucker really made a noise) However, my leaders at home found out about that and suggested I no longer do such a thing. They had never even suggested however, that I not do a roll. So, we came in behind the daisy chain fueling team (It seems that none of them had achieved a successful hook up, and to make matters worse the F-4 side winders hadn't hit the flares either) pushing over from 5k, we passed by the port side at about flight deck level and did an easy pull up followed by a gentle aileron roll, climbing all the time, and rolled out at about 1k. No big deal really. As we prepared to land I began to consider some of the consequences. I advised to the crew that they had no idea as to what I was going to do, and also to advise all that the Skipper (Ken Smith, one of the best guys I've known) knew nothing of my plans.  When we landed the ultimate insult was being met by the Maintenance Officer who said he was going to have to ground the airplane. I asked him "What the hell for?" He said "For overstress." I said "Since when is 1 to 2 G overstress?" He just glared at me as I slunk away heading towards the catwalk to go to my room. I really didn't have the balls to go to the ready room at that point (At that time I fully expected to be hung by the yardarm or what ever, and I was afraid I might have gotten Ken in trouble.) As I got to the catwalk a young Lt. fighter pilot from one of the fighter squadrons ran up to me, I swear he had tears in his eyes, and said "Chuck, that was the damnedest thing I ever saw", and he presented me with his squadron patch. It's now on my hangar wall. After about 20 minutes I decided to face the music and went aft to the ready room. All hell had broken loose, squadron moral was higher than I'd ever seen it, Ken was not in trouble, my crew was not in trouble (They probably blamed it all on me), and for some reason, neither was I. From that time on, VAW 123 was held in much higher regard by the Air Group, not because my guys were damn good, and they were, but because I had done a stupid thing out of frustration. Was it a smart thing to do? Certainly not. Was it a dangerous thing to do, only in the political sense. By that time in my career I had probably done at least at thousand rolls in various airplanes including the E2 and knew an airplane with a rather slow roll rate must be rolled while going uphill and starting with some extra speed.

Was it worth it? As it turned out, yes.

Anywhere except in a fighter environment I would have been hung (CAG, ship's CO, Air Boss, CARDIV, all fighter and attack pukes). On the other hand, anywhere except a fighter environment my guys would have been judged by their professionalism and not by the speed of their airplanes. As it was I was able to show the fighter pukes my guys had just as big a set of balls as they did. (Sometime later I took the CAG LSO down to Fentress and let him try to FCLP in the E2, he never got close. I guess we didn't come across as being a very humble group. Something they seemed to understand.)

Those were good times. Unfortunately, at the time we probably didn't realize how good they were. We were too young.

 Thanks for asking, brought back some good memories.

Chuck Berthe

 Berthe, Charles J. CDR 19 Lufberry Cir Williamson, GA 30292

770-228-8849. Essex det O-in-C 1964-5; Forrestal 1966 CO VAW-123 1969-70.  





A night ditching with Bill Litwin

Back in the Stone Age (1956-57) while at Quonset VC-12, I took off in what I
think was an AD4W on a hot summer night mission with two "exchange" radar
operators from the Royal Navy crammed in the back. When about 10-15 miles
out over Narragansett Bay, the old Spad burped fire, and quit dead. During
the ensuing silence and after I convinced myself that this was really
happening, I started thinking about all the unsuccessful night ditchings.
Small comfort. After blabbering my MayDay and approximate position, I told
the boys in the back to prepare for a rough ride. Mind you, this was a hot,
hazy night with no moon, so I was on my own in that department. Gluing my
attention to the radar altimeter, needle/ball and airspeed (just like in
basic training), I popped some flaps at about what I thought was 50'. Just
as I tried to flair, the bird hit the water with a thud and we did an
unscheduled stop. I was out before the spray came down using the instrument
panel as my step ladder. Once in the water, I noticed that the rear door had
not yet opened, and I panicked thinking the two Brits were stuck. Just as I
started swimming toward the plane to do something heroic, the doors opened
and the two dove out, just as the plane sank with the tail skimming my
noggin. Once that phase was complete, I popped my harness, and inflated all
of the usual flotation gear and climbed into my raft. Of course the Brits
left without any sort of gear and had to hang on to my raft for flotation.
They cheerily said something like "jolly good night for a swim!" I grumpily
remarked, "Why didn't you dumb-asses take your flotation gear with you?" No
reply of course. My attention then turned to wondering when the giant
man-eating sharks were going to arrive along with all the other undersea
dragons. We remained in that state for a couple of hours until we saw the
faithful old crash-boat roaring out of the dark guided by my flares. Once
safely on deck, I looked down, saw a puddle of what I thought was blood and
almost had a heart-attack. Nothing more than dye-marker! Fortunately for us,
our Ops Officer Melhorn had been on his bayside deck sipping a Martini when
all this took place and was able to guide the boat to our approximate
Upon return to Quonset, following debriefing and the all usual suspicious
questions about "what did you do wrong?", and several stiff medicinal
brandies, I returned home  at 2AM to be greeted by my then harpy of a wife
who accused me of going out drinking with wild women. I think I would have
preferred that version.
Quite an eventful night! Bill Litwin

AD-type aircraft fatal accidents in VC-12/VAW-12 1948-1966

LT(jg) Leroy R. Fillmore killed in collision c mountain in Italy. Forrestal det 1958-9. AD5W; Robert J. Heid, AD3 killed c Fillmore. Hans D. Dethlefsen, AT3 killed with Fillmore.

ENS Joe Steudle (stall/spin Jun ’55 Quonset,) AD4W; Carmine E. Leo, AT2 killed in the Steudle crash

LTJG Henry Lindquist, Killed in St Patrick’s Day crash 1959 aboard Wasp with Musgrave. Barbara Dawn. Cat shot with asymmetrical loading not into the relative wind? Pilot (Hopkins) survived miraculously. AD5W
LTJG Percy Musgrave (older brother of the astronaut,) killed on a catapult shot on the Wasp with Lindquist (supra). AD5W

LTJG Paul Marbach Departure stall inverted, drowned. Charlietown 5/1958. AD5W.

LTJG Geo. R. Niemela asphyxiated when he stalled in in the mud short of the runway with the tide out doing touch and goes at Quonset 1958. AD5W

The fatal crash of Jim Noland, Ed Stuart and Robert Sperl happened on February 6, 1956 and was in an AD-4 - not the 5W. I was one of the controllers on the exercise out of JAX. The official cause of the accident was listed as pilot error - assuming that vertigo was the main factor - it was a very rainy afternoon. They last reported being some 13 miles from shore on their way in. Bill and the other pilots were not pleased that pilot error was always the assumption when cause could not be determined. The only debris that washed ashore included a flight jacket, hard hat, and some engine pieces - indicating that the plane probably hit at a steep angle. (Signed Mark Poole, VC-12 '54-'56.)

LTJG Warren Pearson (hung up on bailout fm rear seat of an AD5W with an engine fire, Lake Champlain cruise 1961. Pilot Dan Lane.)AD5W

ENS Roy C. Pickler (ditched during FCLP 12/51 hypothermia,) AD3W

ENS Thomas C. Reed and ENS John Wagner Mid air July ’51, near Quonset Point NAS. AD3Ws

LT Norman Martin Sassi Engine failure or fully deflected rudder jam on cat shot USS Valley Forge 1959. AD5W; LTJG Martin Kennedy (killed with Sassi). Carpenter A. Batchelor, AE2 died with Sassi & Kennedy.

LTJG William Henry (Buck) Langhorne II Killed in night carrier launch from USS WASP 1959. AD5W
Harry L. Wilkins, AT2 killed in aborted Cat shot on USS Palau 3/20/50/ Pilot McLuckie. Bridle improperly fitted to shuttle. Chief Barnes took his effects home to Colorado Springs. AD3W

J.J. Young AT2 (failed to wear survival suit liner. AD5W Ditched off Charlietown, RI with engine fire. Hypothermia. 12/27/1957 with LT(jg) McQuesten and CPO Leo Harris, who survived.)


Mister President.....
In all of the stories about the President's visit, there are many sound bites and a lot of quotes of the President praising Marines for a job well done in Iraq. But what you may not know from the MSM is that he was at Camp Pendleton for another reason. Some of the articles touch briefly on that reason, but they don't (or won't) do it justice. This is from a Marine Colonel at Pendleton who writes of the President's visit:

"...we had the lead for the President of visit and I was privileged to spend much of the day with him. Let me tell you something that was, very deliberately, not in the news. President Bush came here for two reasons. To thank the Marines and sailors of
Camp Pendleton for all they do, and to meet with the families of our fallen warriors. The first part was public. The second - and I believe far more important - was to meet privately with 170 family members who had lost a loved one. He forbade the press corps from viewing or photographing any of it. The Plt Sgt Mitchell Paige Fieldhouse (a brand new $12.5m facility) has two basketball courts. One was curtained off and decks covered where he met with them together. Then, he met with the family members of each fallen Marine in the other gym individually. Having had the duty of a Casualty Assistance and Notification Officer many times in the past, I know how emotionally draining it is to talk to even one family at a time. When we put the President back on Marine One some three hours later, he was as somber and drained as I've ever seen him. It took an emotional toll on everyone involved.
Obviously, he did not have to make this visit. He could have delegated that task to anyone to do it for him. I have great respect for ones that will do the "right" thing, regardless of how tough it is. Just thought you would like to hear a bit of the background.


Roster Changes since the November 2004 reunion 

New members

Achuff, Walter R. “Dick” 2212 Tyne Blvd Nashville, TN 37215-4608 home 615-665-1027; cell 615-945-5995  Pilot Forrestal 1965; 1966-7 Joan. A plankowner in VAW-123.

Balliet, Norman L. 4480 SE 190th Morriston, FL 32668 352-528-6388 Forrestal 1962-3

Baltutis, John S. 10151 Rookwood Dr San Diego, CA 92131 858-566-5469 LT(jg) Saratoga 1964-5; 1966. transitioned to VA. Flew two tours in A4s.

Barron, Ronald T. 6282 Camino Verde Dr San Jose, CA 95119 408-225-5819

Ex-wife’s number. She will tell him. She remembers Quonset Point. ADRAN

Essex 1961

Baxley, Warren 2135 Semur Rd Pensacola, FL 32503-3439 850-469-8972  LT, Pilot, VAW-12, Det 59 1966

Bennington, Bruce A. 2775 Rio Ct Punta Gorda, FL 33950 941-637-7746 Saratoga 1964-5; 1966; JFK. Hamilton Standard

Blanchard, Robert F. 6004 Kingswood Dr. Milton, FL 32570 850-623-0286 PR3 Enterprise 1961

Brenner, Bill 109 Hoylake Williamsburg, VA 23188 757-565-5163 1964-5 Forrestal JoAnn

Bullard, John F. 2805 Bayou Blvd Pensacola, FL 32503 850-434-6681

LT(jg) 1355 Forrestal 1964

Bunge, Thomas E. LCDR 7925 W. Layton Av. Denver, CO 80123-1325 303-979-4440 LT Forrestal 1966-7. Never in VAW-12

Butcher, Walter E. AS1 5 Harrington Rd North Kingstown, RI 02852-2061 401-884-1408 ADR2 on Essex det of 1961-2.

Camp, Richard E. 131 N. Main St Chatham, VA 24531-3009 434-432-3663 Forrestal 1962-3 Betty

Cantley, Darrell E. (not F.) AMSAN Charleston, WV 25315 304-949-5441 Helen. She thinks he may not be interested. He’ll call if he wants.

Cantwell, John C. 2305 Hilton Av St Louis, MO 63144-1747 314-961-6199 Alicia.

Carpenter, David E. AT1 4541 E. Welter Ave Las Vegas, NV 89104

702-641-8553  Forrestal 1966-7 Arlene

Chenery, Bob 428 Piney Forest Rd Danville, VA 24540 434-548-3366 (cell) LT(jg) 1965-7; plank owner VAW-123. Retired 21 yrs. Auctioneer. Wilkins & Co. Realtors. 

Clark, Addison H. 1750 Three Mile Dr. Kalispell, MT 59901 406-752-8406 Intrepid LT(jg) 1967 Anne. Retired police chief.

Conard, Dean E. 1425 Muir Ln Burnsville, MN 55337 952-890-6215 LT(jg)1315 America 1965-6 no interest. Recovering from Cancer.

Davis, Alden C. LCDR 3515 Danbury Pl Williamsburg, VA 23188 757-345-0132 LT(jg) Saratoga 1966 transitioned to A6s

Debroder, Glenn George CDR 485 Salem Vista Ct Winston Salem, NC 27101-5262 336-631-9793 Never in VAW-12; 4th CO, VAW-123 Saratoga

Duke, Thomas LCDR, 2446 Borden Grant Trail

Fairfield, VA 24435 Forrestal 1966-7.

I was never in VAW-12

Eckard, William F. 900 Anna Joy Ct Chesapeake, VA 23320-1401

757-436-6166 LT(jg) 1355 Saratoga 1964 School Photographer

Eckard, Palmer Glenn VA or Washington, DC (William F.’s cousin?). I’ve sent for his numbers.

Eels, William R. Jr. CDR, 4008 Arrowhead Point Ct. Virginia Beach, VA 23455 757-464-5432 Forrestal 1966 but never in VAW-12; 4th CO VAW-123 1970-71.

Ehrgott, Richard J. 10220 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77024 713-984-0893 failed

10130 Mossycup St Comroe, TX 77304 936-441-1084 also failed

LT(jg) 1325 America 1965-6. we need some help with this contact.  

Ergovich, Joe Bulverde, TX 78163 830-438-3541 Forrestal 1966

Ergovich, John 3540 Gilleland Ext. Gainesville, GA 30507-6819 770-297-3588 Forrestal 1967 VAW-123. Twin brother of the above. Perhaps not ever in VAW-12, just VAW-123

Evans, M. Strohm 418 Broadneck Rd Annapolis, MD 21401-5402 410-757-4083 LT(jg) 1310 Intrepid 1967 USNA 1966 lawyer. Father was a judge.

Fearing, Alan B. 277 Mint Springs Rd Pittsboro, NC 27312-7062 919-933-5850 pilot Forrestal 1967-8. Never in VAW-12

Fish, Ben L. CDR 12 Old Oak Rd Nickelton, NJ 08056 856-423-6929 LT Forrestal 1966; CO of VAW-125 1973-4

He was a former blimp ASW observer and went through ATDS training with me at Glynco, GA during the spring of 1966, before we checked into VAW-12. Ben and I were partners in survival training the fall of 1966. We volunteered to do our survival training as part of a Special Forces training exercise at Fort Bragg. We had a great time being chased through the swamps and fields of the local community by members of the 101st Airborne Division, who were engaged in counter-insurgency training.

Flynn, Ronald D. 69 Huxley Cir Evesham, NJ 08053 856-810-7777 LT(jg) 1355 Valley Forge 1958

Frederick, Frank J. LTJG 13336 Colony Square Dr Orlando, FL 32837-4314 407-812-1421 Forrestal 1966-7 Never in VAW-12 Survived the crash Oct 1969. Did an insurance agency after the navy. Carole

Fredericks, Roy C. CDR 20181 SE 116th Av Inglis, FL 34449-4006

352-447-0027  LT(jg) 1325 America 1965-6. Gloria

Fulton, Glenn 8585 Gilroy Rd Nanjemoy, MD 20662 301-246-4909 Enterprise 1962.

Gilbert, Duane A. 6809 64th Av. N Minneapolis, MN 55428 763-537-6772 Barbara AMH3 Essex 1961

Giandomenico, Nicholas J. 11 Howlands Ln Kingston, MA 02364-1621

781-587-2333 Forrestal 1962-3

Glaeser, Fred J. CDR 4637 Benhurst Av. San Diego, CA 92122-3019

858-404-0121 Forrestal 1966-7 14th CO VAW-123

Green, Shackford O. 32 Leamington Ln Hilton Head Island, SC 29928-5150 843-341-6409 Forrestal 1965 NFO became a pilot. Flew with VAW-122. Later c FedEx. wife Gail

Heineman, Joseph W. CAPT 223 Westover Dr Ruckersville, VA 22968 434-985-2074 (This e-mail failed.) Forrestal 1966

Hendershot, Alan M. 120 Charles St Annapolis, MD 21401-2621 401-268-3542  LT. Forrestal 1966. Later Grumman. He was co-pilot on “the roll.”

Hergert, Dennis W. 8 Springside Ln Sherman, CT 06784-1739 860-354-0026

739 Sutton St Lady Lake, FL 32159 352-753-1848 winters ENS 1315 Forrestal 1964

Hodson, Ted L. CDR 220 Bunker Arch Williamsburg, VA 23188 757-229-0809 LCDR O-in-C America det 1965-6

Been LSO c VF-53; Air Boss of Hancock in VN. Lived in St Croix.

Hoelting, Dean W. 600 Hickory Dr. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-2063 847-541-4189 Essex 1957, 1961-2

Hollinger, Robert B. 24 Ledgewood Dr. Dover, MA 02030 508-785-3088 LT(jg) 1325 America 1965-6 Deborah

Hoover, Lloyd N. CAPT 1520 Meadowbrook Rd Altadena, CA 91001 626-794-4660 LT(jg) Coral Sea 1952  USNA/MIT  Betsy

Hottman, Ronnie L. ATSAN 823 E. 1st St Abilene, KS 67410-2811 785-263-1678

Huxhold, George E. CAPT 4737 Charger Ct Woodbridge, VA 22192

At the lake near Roanoke/Lynchburg 540-297-6726 Diane. NFO Forrestal 1966-7.

Junker, Thomas L. AMH1 422 N 2nd St Indianola, NE 69034-0102 308-364-2753. Essex 1961-2. msg left 11/22/04

Kinnan, Wm R. 208 Creekway Ct NE Marietta, GA 30066-4976 770-792-0616  NFO 1966

Layer, John L. PO Box 1358 Palatka, FL 32178 386-935-2825 (Vacation home: Marsh Dr. Branford FL 32008) AN Wasp

Lieske, Harvey A. 11977 N. 81st St Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480-951-1360 LT(jg) Saratoga 1964-5; 1966

Lloyd, Thomas E. AD1 984 Burroughs Av. Oak Harbor, WA 98277-8251 360-675-3369  Forrestal 1962-3 Worked for Boeing.

Lovett, Billy Ray CAPT 3859 Hwy 35 S, Forest, MS 39074 601-536-2268 

VAW-12 1963. Standardization Officer in RVAW 12; CO VAW-114 1978-80. Sandra 

Manjerovic, Nicholas R. W. Hill Rd Vestal, NY 13850 607-754-6983  LT(jg) Saratoga 1966

Marcantonio, Albert L. CAPT 1440 Leas Way Hatfield, PA 19440 215-361-9102 LT(jg) Saratoga 1966

Maugeri, Peter James 1461 Morro Creek St Las Vegas, NV 89128-0701 702-363-2850 (Pronounce: mau-geri) NFO became a pilot

McCall, Dewayne 1007 Zaida Av. Caruthersville, MO 63830-2321 


Merical, Larry B. LT PO Box 1030 Marion, MT 59925 406-854-2111 Sheriff's detective in Kalispell, MT. America 1966

Moss, George CAPT 109 Butternut Ln Longwood, FL 32779 321-299-5543 LT(jg) Saratoga 1967 Doris

Mobley, Tom AC3 6028 Berwynd Rd Fairfax, VA 22030-4532 703-218-5355 Randolph 1962 Sue 1960, Forrestal, Enterprise 1962

Moser, Ron M.D 525 Pauley Woods Circle Kettering, OH  45429 937-294-2397 Forrestal 1964-5 USNA 1964; UKY Med School Orthopedic surgery. Maureen

Nerbonne, Leo T. Canby, CA 96015 530-233-6690

CPO Forrestal 1966. He rolled with CDR Berthe in 1968.

Nichol, Robert John (Bob) Plano, TX LT(jg) 1315 Intrepid 1967. More complete address coming

Pishko, Patrick M. AT2-P1 4 Pilot Hill Dr. St Peters, MO 63376-2762 636-447-2763

Potter, Michael J. 3602 W. Monroe Rd Hart, MI 49420-8419 231-873-4480 AT3

Prowell, Gerald W. 19 Courtland Rd Camp Hill, PA 17011 717-975-2581 Forrestal 1962-3

Raker, Robert R. AN 4 Buttonwood Av Malvern, PA 19355-1507 610-647-1761 He does clown and magic. Plane captain on Intrepid 1960; Essex 1961-2.  

Richards, Kendall ATN3 2 Ware St Mansfield, MA 02048-2917 508-339-3225

Wife seemed to think he would have little interest.

Rivers, Robert W. (Bob) Atlanta, GA 30303 770-641-9630 LT(jg) NFO Saratoga 1966; Intrepid 1967

Rogers, Charles A. 106 Powhatan Springs Rd. Williamsburg, VA 23188-2422 757-565-3484 YN Forrestal 1967-9 c VAW-123 after VAW-12

Sammons, Charles E. (Chuck) 5862 Woodfield Estates Dr. Alexandria, VA 22310-1862 703-922-0010 LT(jg) Forrestal 1964

Schnellman, William J. LT 8539 Telford Crossing, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55443-3745 763-425-6818  LT(jg) NFO Forrestal 1966-7. Mary

Setzer, Ronald J. 38103 E. Chimney Rock Blvd Memphis, TN 38103 901-624-3298 disconn CPO Forrestal 1966. Born 1938; Nancy born Dec. 1943.

Sidwell, Stanley A. 303 N 4th St Mason City, IL 62664 217-482-3472 AN Wasp det 1959 Rebecca Ruth

Slaughter, Jimmy R. CDR  8470 Meliaceae Dr Pensacola, FL 32514 850-479-7520 1310 LT(jg) America 1965-6 USNA

Spencer, Robert 6 Hill Way Carrollton, VA 23314 757-238-2979 LT(jg) Essex 1964 Laura

Stickney, John M. CAPT 252 St Thomas Church Rd Chapin, SC 29036 803-345-3709 Intrepid 1967 1325 Pris

Sumoski, Thomas S. 1153 Hobson Mill Dr Naperville, IL 60540-8132
ENS Saratoga 1966 Myrtle msg 12/18

Tant, Billy J. 184 Smiley Ingram Rd SE Cartersville, GA 30121 770-386-0117 AN FDR 1965.

Highly probable; not confirmed yet.

Teramana, Albert F. ATRAN 1410 N. River Rd Toronto, OH 43964-1812


Terris, Phillip G. 11 Vine St Sullivan, MO 63080 573-860-3727; Terris Graphics 573-860-3990 Forrestal 1962-3.

Thompson, Herb B. 6659 Bent Oak Drive Fayetteville, PA 17222-9446

717-352-4608 plane capt 1961; aircrew Forrestal 1962-3.

Tisthammer, Thomas N. West Palm Beach, FL 305-812-7194 Forrestal 1966

Wallin, Cluey L. AMS3 9347 County Road 160 North Lewisburg, OH 43060 937-747-3650

Wallin, Freddie L. AN 241 W 13th St. Wellston, OH 45692-9575 740-384-5455

Wendt, Terry J. CAPT ?1611 Love Rd Clover SC 29710-4380 803-222-4380 Forrestal 1966. Never in VAW-12

Welte, James C. N6530 Hayward Bay Dr Menominee, MI 49858 906-864-9960

NFO LT(jg) Essex 1961-2

Wilcox, Howard A. 34 Melstone Turn Durham, NC 27707-3451 919-489-8479 msg 12/18 LT(jg) Saratoga 1966. Not confirmed yet.

Wollett, Donald H. 1917 Grey Friars Chase Virginia Beach, VA 23456 757-471-3302 LT(jg) Essex 1964 Nancy

Womack, Glenn D. 215 Woodford Av. Bowling Green, KY 42101 270-781-6630

Enterprise 1962

Woodka, Thomas K. CDR 117 Broadwater Williamsburg, VA 23188-8003
757-564-0062 Marcia LT(jg) Forrestal 1964-1965. Then transitioned to Intruders. Active in the Intruder Assn. Works for Grumman.

New addresses

Cullen, Jos. Patrick LCDR 9319 Cedar River Rd Huntersville, NC 28078-7847 704-992-1054. Moved from PO Box 274 Quaker Hill, CT 06375 860-443-9535 1958-60 LTJG Independence 1960. He flew over 220 missions in Nam.

Gaches, John W. LCDR 3850 N. Cross Rd St Augustine, FL 32092 904-810-5738 email to be set up again soon. (pronounces like Gracious) Lt(jg) 1951-1954 BHR 1952

Hamaker, William R. CDR 2725 Woodland Dr Orange Park, FL 32073 904-264-4796 LCDR O-in-C Randolph 1960

Moved from 1390 Democracy Ln Melbourne, FL 32940 321-255-6696

Hohman, John 7514 Red Crane Ln Jacksonville, FL 32256-2883 904-998-4475 mailbox suspended, whatever that means. LT FDR det 1964 Donna

Kennedy, Robert F. CDR 2300 East Luster Ln #5 Des Moines, IA 50320-6432 

515-285-2478 Embry Riddle Aero Univ. Now at Des Moines Intl. Airport. I was attached to VAW-12 from 1965 until it became a wing, then was transferred to CAEWW-12 & RVAW-120. Sarah.

Lamey, James H. 5524 MacGuffie St. Virginia Beach, VA 23464

757-479-8926 Cell 757-831-4084 LT(jg) 1966-7 Julia 

Laraby, Robert F. 5 Cedar Lake Rd Chester, CT 06412 860-526-9355 Parachute rigger FDR det 1962 & 64. Has Lyme disease. Lost his wife 2004.

Mahood, Jim (Munch) CAPT 18492 Lanier Island Sq. Leesburg, VA 20176

703-779-7610 Det 66 1965-7 CO VAW-123 1982-3. Moved from SC. Anita Previously recorded.

Previ, Ronald W. CAPT 13582 Ryton Ridge Ln Gainesville, VA 20155-3007 703-743-1167 ENS 1355 Saratoga 1961. Aniak River Lodge in Alaska (up the Kuskokwim River from Bethel.)


E-mail address change

Bailey, John B. AVCM 153 Lakeside Drive, Bastrop, TX, 78602

512-308-0426 AT2 Intrepid 1958-9

Berkley, Richard  Forrestal 1966 VAW-123 only.

Buscher, Terry 1035 Wenonah Av. Oak Park, IL 60304 708-848-1932 Forrestal 1966 

Eckstrom, Robert 10709 Rollingwood Dr. Fredericksburg, VA 22407-1674 540-710-7205 (failed phone no)  (Failed e-mail) address not confirmed

Englund, Paul R. 115 Paddington Green Huntsville, AL 35824 256-464-9820   LT(jg) FDR 1961

Dalton, Harvey parachute rigger Seeking. No reply x 2

Dewalt, Ralph F. CAPT 4818 Powell Rd Fairfax, VA 22032 703-425-6874 Det-42 FDR 1962 Charlotte. 4 sons are naval aviators.

Gray, Jim Seeking still. Forrestal 1966

Kidder, William Forrestal 1966. Seeking. No reply x2

Marsden, Dave 1706 Meadow Chase Ln. Knoxville, TN 37931 865-470-2648 FAX 865-470-8526  AMH3 1958-60 Forrestal 1959-60 Dolores

Mason, R. F. CDR  Seeking still

Morris, Clarence W. "Ward" "Anyface" 2410 Montview Drive NW  Atlanta, GA 30305 404-351-1330  LT 1960-64 Randolph 1961; USS Enterprise 1962. Delta Airlines pilot 30 yrs. Flies Cessna 310

Presnal, Max

Ruttura, Tom Forrestal 1966-7

Scank, Kenneth B. AMCS HC6 Box 608 Hemphill, TX 75948 409-579-4186 . AM3 1958 Saratoga

Ward, John H. CDR 29305 Comstock Elberta, AL 36530 251-986-7000 Lt(jg) 1959-1960. Essex det 1958 AD5W. Independence 1960 E1B;. Flew the E1B in VAW-11 about 1964/65. Flew the E-2 out of Norfolk in VAW-122 about 1970. CO VAW-122 1972-3. Rose

Zupko, George Capt

Webster, George T. Forrestal 1966

Yezombek, Richard 9 Amalia Dr. Nashua, NH 03063-3455 603-882-9447  Forrestal 1966



Peter R. Bondi, AE1 P1 Born Mt Kisko, NY 2/1/1930; died Lake City, FL 5/15/96. Buried in Mt Kisko. Essex det 1961-2

Jesse M. Card, ADJ1 Born 9/5/29 Lakeville, IL; died Nov 1980. Essex det 1961-2

Ernest Gordon Carlburg, CDR 10239 S 175th Ave Goodyear AZ 85338 

623-386-3277 1961-4 Enterprise det 65 1962. Retired Fm Lufthansa. Sonia. Died 10/7/04 Cancer. He was known to all as Gordon.

James H. Cochrane CDR died c MI in Norfolk 1970s. LCDR O-in-C Saratoga 1966.

Jerry Cunningham LT(jg) Saratoga det 1966. Crashed on approach at Pensacola in an A4D early 1970s with a reserve unit.

Donald E. Derwerd LT(jg) 1325 America det 1965-6 born 8/29/40; Died Minn. 1/23/98. Son Dick in Phoenix 602-957-4503

Robert E. “Bob” Elzey, LT Asst O-in-C Forrestal 1965.

LT(jg) Robert O. Farris, 1315 America 1965-6. Bob Farris transitioned to A-7s after VAW-12 and, as I recall, died ejecting from an A-7 in approximately 1968 (I was stationed at FCPCP at the time and my wife had kept in touch with Bob’s wife, Betty. (Rbt Hollinger recollection)

He flew into the water on a night approach to the America while operating off San Juan. I was on the America at the time as Air Ops/AAW for the Battle Group Commander. (Fredericks’ recollection)

Bob had his accident while flying from the Nimitz in the late 70's.  I was the navigator on the Nimitz and we were conducting work-ups around Puerto Rico. During a night recovery his plane disappeared on final a few minutes after he reported departing marshal. The weather was very foul with numerous thunderstorms, so we formed the available ships in line abreast and went back the final bearing conducting a visual search but had no luck. The next day I learned (second hand) the helo had recovered his helmet, but I am not sure of this. (Fredericks’ subsequent recollection)

(There appears to be some memory discrepancies after all these years.  RGS)

Was he known as “Red” Farris? Former Vigilante pilot?

Michael J. Fitzmaurice Wasp 1959. Born 4/18/35; died Columbus, OH 12/30/95

Fred A. Frame, 51 Montclair Dr. Fairview Heights, IL 62208-1626 618-397-7697 AT2 Coral Sea 1955. Later US Steel. Died Nov 2004. 

Son, David, My father had been diagnosed with cancer in early November of 2003. He had a bit of a remission up until early November of this year when it really came back with a vengeance. As a result he became a HOSPICE patient and passed away on 11-24-04, just a few days after receiving your letter.

CDR James Marion Fulcher CO VAW 124 1976-7. LCDR, Pilot Forrestal 1966

1013 10th Av. Toms River, NJ 08757 732-240-4916 FAX 732-286-9716

Nora Fulcher, who was not married to him in 1960s and 70s, says he died in 2000. She confirms it was he.

Joseph J. Grech, LT(jg) pilot Essex 1961-2 1613 Sunnybrook Ct Columbia, SC 29212 803-781-1902 Donna. Joe died in 1985

Frank Sumner Hall, From Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. LT O-in-C Forrestal Det O-in-C 1958. Left in mid-cruise with health problem.

John S. Hammond, ATCA-P1. Born 4/21/27 Newton, PA; died in VA 5/10/63 buried in PA. Essex det 1961-2

CDR Lucio W. Hill, 3252 Page Av Virginia Beach, VA 23451 757-481-6762. Died in 2000. LCDR O-in-C Forrestal det 1966-7

CDR (SC) Richard Hoskins died in Sept 2004. Served in VC-12 1954-6.

RADM Roy Isaman, LCDR in 1948-50 VC-12 Plankowner. AEW department head. We went on a MED cruise in 1948 from Norfolk on Kearsarge as a part of FAETU and by the time we returned the squadron had been commissioned, located in Quonset Point, with Shinn as CO and Isaman as ops officer. Bill Campbell. Son Roy Isaman at 6534 W Sunset Rd Tucson, AZ 85743 520-743-1148. Widow now Nancy Snyder 904-241-0051 in VA.

Eldred W. Labombard, AMS3 Born 7/14/39 in Plattsburg, NY; Died 3/15/98 in Bradford, TN, buried in Plattsburg. Essex det 1961-2

CAPT Jerald C. Lawrence 8th CO VAW-12.Died in VA 2004. (Not the Gerald Lawrence in West Virginia.)

Ned B. Leisy, LT Forrestal 1962-3 Born 8/15/1936; died Calif 2/10/99.

William G. Lloyd, ADC Leading chief Forrestal det 1958.

Born 7/10/23; Died South Carolina 5/5/99.

Dewey E. McWhorter, ADR3 Essex 1961 Felton, GA. Born 11/4/37; Died 11/22/82 at age 43

Victor E. Osher, Born 12/6/1907; died Poplar Bluff, MO 3/29/1995 Saratoga 1964-5; 1966 Ops officer of Saratoga detachment

Thomas C. Reason Born 5/5/44; Died in Michigan 3/5/00

Stephen J. Serokee, AT2-P1 born 11/7/39 in Cagshire, (Cheshire?) CT; died 1/22/99 in NY. Essex det 1961-2.

J. A. Shaw LT 1310 Intrepid det 1967. Maintenance officer.

Alan H. Thompson 10563 Bluff Rd Eden Prairie, MN 55347 952-941-5190

LT(jg) Randolph 1957-8 pilot. Forrestal 1959. Terminal lung CA 1/04. Died 8/04. Constance (Connie)

A. J. Ware AMHC FDR 1965 Born 1/9/34; died Georgia 5/15/90

William A. Vincent Died 12/17/04. He served in VAW-12 in 1961. (Not to be confused with William C. Vincent who served with VC-12 in 1953.)
Carol Norris Vincent []
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 6:09 AM
To: Dear Friends
Subject: Bill, in His presence

My darling Bill went home to be with the Lord this morning, December 17.  Since his diagnosis with cancer three years ago, he has bravely and with great faith met every challenge presented him.  He remained cheerful, loving, and pain-free until the end of his life here on earth.  He was a witness to many of God's power and love.  We now rejoice that he is enjoying the eternal life with our Father which was promised him when he committed his life to Christ.  We shall all miss him tremendously but know that he now has a body which is whole, without blemish, and is marveling at the home which God prepared for him. 

 A service celebrating his life is being held at the SCC United Methodist Church.  A service will be held in Indianapolis also, although, due to my Post-Polio condition, I will not be able to travel north(check the Indianapolis Star obituary section).

 If you wish to honor Bill, we ask for donations to the Sun City Center Emergency Squad (of which he was an active volunteer), LifePath Hospice (which so lovingly cared for him the last 7 months of his life), the SCC United Methodist Church (where Bill was head usher), or a charity of your choice.

 Thank you for your love, prayers, and friendship. Carol Vincent, Bill's adoring wife